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Baby toddler shoes to soft bottom shoes hard


Baby Toddler shoes refer to the shoes worn by the baby during the learning stage. If the baby can walk outside without the support of an adult, it is not necessary to wear a toddler's shoes instead of a toddler's shoes.

For baby toddlers, soft sole shoes or coarse wool woven shoes with slightly harder soles are the best choices.

The sole should be soft, waterproof, and the upper should be slightly stiffer to protect the baby's ankle. It is best to choose shoes with laces so that you can adjust the size of your shoes in time.

The baby is just learning to walk, the choice of toddler shoes must pay attention to the appropriate size. If the size is too small or just right, it may squeeze the baby's foot, affect the blood circulation of the foot, and even cause abnormal changes in the foot shape, but also affect the formation of the correct walking posture. If the size is too big, the baby will fall off when it is active and it is easy to fall. Therefore, the size of the appropriate shoes should be when the baby put on shoes to stand up, there is half the size of the thumb in front of the toes.

In addition, because the baby's feet are extremely fast, usually two months or so need to change to school shoes. Therefore, the mother must always measure the size of the baby's foot in order to promptly replace the baby with a comfortable and comfortable shoe.

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