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Baby would not wear boots in Winter


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For just 24 months, Little Philippines has been able to walk without the help of adults. However, the mother of Xiao Fei recently discovered that the Philippine philanthropy seems to be less agile, but what she is worried about is that the Philippine philanthropy seems to have some “inner characters” and the legs are also slightly curved.

Xiao Fei’s mother took Xiao Fei to the Women’s Health Insurance Office. After a doctor’s examination, he found that Xiao Fei’s bones were not a problem. It was a problem with Xiao’s shoes. "Children's shoes are too heavy and the soles are too hard, which affects the children's walking." At this time, Xiaofei's grandmother fell on the side of Xiao Fei's mother. "The child's grandmother gave her shoes to be very soft and comfortable to wear. She doesn't look good and she doesn't wear it."

"The child's bones are in a period of development. The soles should not be too hard, and they should not wear high heel shoes." The doctor told Xiao Fei's mother: "Usually, the child can walk barefoot at home and can exercise the arch and promote development."

In some shopping malls, you can find that many of the styles of children's shoes placed on children's shoe racks are similar to those of adults. Small leather shoes, mini-boots, etc. are similar to the “miniature version” of adult shoes. A salesperson at a children's shoe store said that many young mothers like to wear “mothers dresses” with their daughters and select dresses and shoes for their daughters according to their favorite styles. “As soon as winter arrives, children’s snow boots sell particularly well. Many mothers feel comfortable and warm and buy a pair of children.”

The author interviewed several ladies at random and found that the style of the children's shoes is very attractive to young mothers, while the "grand-class" women are more concerned about whether the children's shoes are comfortable and fit. A young mother told the author that her daughter is 4 years old this year and she usually likes to dress her daughter in a stylish fashion. "My daughter usually prefers to wear bright colored shoes, boots, snow boots, etc. at home."

Ms. Liu, who just started her grandmother this year, believes that her children's shoes must be soft and comfortable. "I bought several pairs of shoes for my granddaughter. I told her mother that children should not be allowed to wear leather shoes. The shoes are too hard, the child is not comfortable, and the child's feet are growing fast. The new shoes must be worn for the second year. Can not wear, the price is expensive, strange waste." (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperation Media: shoes and apparel famous products network global fashion brand network )

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