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Genuine leather shoes are the best choice for children


Foreign research on children's leather shoes is more in-depth than that in China. There are strict requirements and regulations for the use of parts such as shoe-type structures, shoe soles, uppers, and accessories. Many countries even use children's leather shoes as a health care product, and encourage students to wear it regularly in addition to sports and recreation.

From the point of view of the structural characteristics of leather shoes, hook cores are added to the flank of the shoes to not only support the feet and maintain the shape of the shoes, but also allow the shoes with softer soles to bend and bend. In the metatarsophalangeal joint of the barefoot, it coincides with the bent part of the foot, unlike the bent part of cloth shoes or sports shoes in the middle of the shoe, ie the flank of the foot. This prevents the feet from landing on the outside of the flank of the foot when the foot is stepped on, causing the outward displacement of the little toe and the fifth metatarsal area, thereby promoting the growth of the lateral arch of the foot, and increasing the stability of the child during development, so that Children walk, run and jump easily and freely, avoiding sprains on the feet and reducing injuries to the arches.

In addition, the back of the shoe is stiffer because it is equipped with a harder main heel. It can help balance the children of the foot, foot and foot joints in the developmental stage, so that the feet can be supported accordingly, and the correct walking posture can be formed. It is also possible for some children to form different levels of inner eight characters during the four to ten years old. The feet are corrected. Soft shoes with no main heel, such as cloth shoes, sports shoes, and casual shoes, cannot ensure that the feet are straight in the shoes, and the feet are pressed to the inside or outside, and the toes are easily deformed, resulting in injury to the feet.

The shockproof effect of the shoe depends not only on the material of the sole, proper heel height is an important factor. Sneakers, cloth shoes, travel shoes are no heel, no hook heart, thin at the end, heat insulation effect is poor, there is no damping effect, the vibration of the calcaneus, the child's ankle easily injured, the knee, waist, cervical spine Other sites also have influence, and this effect often appears after the age of 40. The shoes with proper heel height can not only reduce the contact area between the outsole and the ground, but also allow the weight of the body to be correctly distributed on various parts of the foot, so as to cushion children's vibrations on the brain, calcaneus, and other parts of the body during exercise. And can improve the thermal insulation of the shoes, prevent moisture from infiltrating into the shoes from the waist and the back of the palm, and improve the elasticity of the arch, fix the shape of the shoes and increase the beauty of the shoes. These are unmatched by other flat shoes.

The breathability of shoes is another factor that affects comfort. In the semi-enclosed space formed between the feet and the shoes, due to the human body's body temperature and the cause of perspiration, a suitable temperature and humidity environment is created for the propagation of the bacteria, thereby causing foot odor. Large amounts of children's activities, shoes, air permeability, moisture absorption, if not good, will make shoes often in a hot and humid state, to create a suitable environment for the reproduction of bacteria, and cause foot odor, but also easily infected with athlete's foot, athlete's foot and other skin diseases What is more serious is that the feet are in a hot and humid environment for a long time, which will cause the strength of the arches to weaken, the ligaments to relax, and the feet become wider gradually to cause flat feet. The upper surface of leather shoes is made of natural leather and has good moisture absorption and breathability. Although it cannot fully achieve the breathability, it is superior to other materials under the same conditions.

Therefore, the experts of the National Shoe Research Institute's Student Shoe Research Group appealed that while paying attention to the health of the foot, the society should re-recognize the impact of the shoes on the foot and even the entire body health, and advocate that children and students should wear it regularly. Comfortable, comfortable shoes.

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