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How to choose a pair of shoes for babies


The baby will basically walk when he is a year old. When the child reaches the age of one and a half, he will be more stable. He can play and can go backwards. Some start to trotting, but The balance of children of this age is not very good, and occasionally they will wrestle.

After the baby will walk, it is very important to buy a pair of suitable shoes, then how to buy a pair of suitable shoes for the children? Today we will share with you the precautions when buying Baby shoes.

1, the size of the shoes should be appropriate

When many mothers buy shoes for their babies, they think that the children's feet grow very fast. In order to allow the children to wear them for a while, the shoes are too big, but the shoes are big and easy to fall.

2, the shoes are large, not only easy to fall, there is another reason is to affect the baby's activity agility and correct walking posture.

3, when buying shoes, choose big shoes. Make sure your baby's toes have enough room for movement.

4, baby shoes can not be too small. Baby shoes are small, they will definitely squeeze the feet, affecting the development of the baby's foot muscles and ligaments, easily causing the nails to grow into the meat, and may also cause the child's phalanges to deform.

5, the baby can not wear slippers

Baby toe development is not mature, it is not appropriate to wear slippers too early. When the slippers are walking, the force is on the toes, and it is easy to develop the splayed feet.

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